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android mobiles are already only £20/month in the UK !

You can now get an android for only £20/month from two UK networks (three & vodafone) ! The downsides are the 24 month contract term and that they are slighter older HTC and Samsung models ! but you could always pay an extra £10-15/month if you really want the SONY 8M pixel X10 android !

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the android has landed !

the android has landed ! well certainly in the uk where htc,lg & sony androids are now being advertised for the three, 3, t-mobile, virginmedia & vodafone 3g mobile networks !

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to boldly go where no android has gone before

Using Sensorly Map viewer it is now possible to boldly go where no android has gone before ! And I claim the first crowd powered android three 3g mobile phone network coverage mapping of Sheerness and the Isle of Sheppy !

android sensorly map viewer kentandroid sensorly map viewer kent

Compare against the official map !

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three mobile data costs £3,000/GB in Europe !

three mobile data costs vary a lot !

Direct access on phone:

  • £3/M = £3,000/GB in Europe
  • £2/M = £2,000/GB in UK
  • £0.25/M (pre-pay 10M/m) = £250
  • £5/G (pre-pay 1G/m) = £5

PC access via phone modem :

  • £10/G (pre-pay 1G/m) = £10
  • £5/G (pre-pay 3G/m) = £5

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Turn Off Automatic Network when International Roaming

You may now pay the same fixed price (typ 80p/min) on all roaming networks but the features you can access will vary ! For example if you use a UK three mobile in Turkey you'll only get Planet3 if you choose Turkcell.

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Does the NOKIA 6220 really geotag your photos ?

The NOKIA 6220 advert on three.co.uk says:

You'll never miss a moment with the Nokia 6220 because it comes with a 5mp camera and Xenon flash to capture anything and everything you want

Not only this, but the 6220 has built in GPS, UK Nokia maps and geotagging capability for when you're rushing around on the move. There'll be no chance of you ever getting lost again

If you like keeping yourself informed by browsing the web and receiving emails, you can now do it from your mobile at broadband speeds on 3's Turbo (HSPDA) network. Chat to your friends on Windows Live Messenger, share your photos on Facebook, or use any of the many applications the 6220 comes with like Skype, and access to eBay and Google

but does this mean it really geotags your photo's when you take them ?

If so @ £15 / month (for 18 months) I'll be buying one tomorrow !

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How fast is your 3G/ADSL/Cable broadband connection ?

You can test your ADSL/Cable/3G broadband speed at :

The results from my Virgin Media cable connection were (2000Kb down 250Kb up) and
here are the results from my 3G mobile connection (250Kb down 50Kb up) :

And if you want to switch ISPs there is a list of tel nos where you can get your MAC code from @:

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three PAYG 3G broadband access

three.co.uk have just lauched PAYG 3G broadband access

First decide how much bandwidth you need
(PS I've just been surfing for 1hr and used 20M (upload & download) of my 1G limit)


  1. Buy a voucher
  2. Enter and activate voucher code
  3. Use USB dongle (£50) or phone modem (from £12/m) to connect and use


  • 1G bandwidth £10 (expires after 30 days)
  • 3G bandwidth £15 (expires after 30 days)

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