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microsoft @microsoftuk extends support for windows 7 from 2020 to 2023

microsoft @microsoftuk extends support for windows 7 from 2020 to 2023


“As previously announced, Windows 7 extended support is ending January 14, 2020. While many of you are already well on your way in deploying Windows 10, we understand that everyone is at a different point in the upgrade process.

“With that in mind, today we are announcing that we will offer Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU) through January 2023.”


getting customer support via twitter for corporates such as @bp @coop @mbplc @microsoftuk

getting customer support via twitter can be effective especially for large faceless corporates such as BP, COOP, MBPLC (Harvester & Toby) and MS

so next time youve been double charged for a meal deal or been overcharged for parking in your local pub carpark or have a windows 10 bug dont get angry try tweeting first

my latest experience was with MS who did respond to me which was nice but asked me to resubmit my bug on a separate system

We appreciate valuable observations such as this, which is why we highly encourage that you submit a feedback through our Feedback Hub app. This way, you can help improve Windows 10 functionality and other services in future updates. You can visit this article to know how: http://msft.social/lpc7WS

By the way, every feedback counts and is important to us.

For future support reference, you may also check out our Customer Support YouTube channel on this link: http://msft.social/R2kf3BROKEN

Thank you very much and have a great day!

Hope you have success with your future tweet complaints

so @getsatisfaction the #smn #bmn for improving #cs has just been bought by @spinklr

so @getsatisfaction the #smn #bmn for improving customer service has just been bought by @spinklr


old|existing getsatisfaction|sprinklr customers

Java SE for Business

Java SE 1.4 will reach End of Service Life (EOSL) in Oct 2008 so if you or your application still needs to use 1.4 you may need to purchase Java SE for Business instead !

Java SE for Business End User Site License    
$10 per employee     $11 per employee     $12.50 per employee

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MySQL leads the way in “developer relations”


The Quality Contribution Program goal is to improve the quality of MySQL products, with the active co-operation of the MySQL user community.

The program facilitates this by
   1. visibly acknowledging the participants by attributing individual quality enhancements to them;
   2. rewarding the participants with benefits in proportion to their contribution (Awards are subscriptions to MySQL Enterprise);
   3. streamlining the process of contributing to MySQL Quality for the benefit of both current and future contributors

Quality Contributions fall into three categories: (i) bug reports, (ii) test cases, and (iii) code patches. We evaluate each contribution with a publicly verifiable set of rules, and the contributor accumulates the QA points for all contributions submitted during the last 12 months.

Start today @ http://dev.mysql.com/qualitycontribution.html

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Oracle┬« Unbreakable GNU/Linux Support

Oracle® Unbreakable Linux Support

"With more than 500 million users, Yahoo! must scale its infrastructure beyond most traditional technology environments," said Laurie Mann, Vice President, Engineering Operations, Yahoo!. "To accommodate this, Yahoo! has built an IT backbone with unmatched performance and reliability that embraces innovative new technology such as Oracle's enterprise-class Linux support and solutions."

In addition to Yahoo!, IHOP, Timex, Diebold, GlobeCast, ABC Stores, Stuart Maue, Replacements, Ltd., Mutual Materials and Hays Medical Center, other leading organizations who have entrusted their Linux support to Oracle include: BNP Paribas, Raley's, Powell Industries, Columbia Forest Products, Deseret Power, Fulcrum Analytics, New York State Insurance Department, The Cobalt Group, Stemilt Growers, The Gem Group, Stanford University, Vcommerce, Knife River Corporation, Primavera Systems, Centre de Services Partages du Quebec, and Spaulding Equipment Company.

Oracle Unbreakable Linux is Oracle's brand around its global support offerings for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program provides enterprises with industry-leading global support for Linux and was developed in response to customer demand for true enterprise-quality Linux support and the need to significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs.

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Ubuntu GNU/Linux Long Term Support (LTS) to 2009 & 2011

Desktop Edition   
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS – Supported to 2009
Ubuntu 6.10 – Supported to 2008  

Server Edition
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS – Supported to 2011
Ubuntu 6.10 – Supported to 2008


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