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SalesForce v SugarCRM

Open Source & Commercial Open Source (the SugarCRM way)

Open Source is a Better Way to Build and Distribute Software

In an industry dedicated to improving customer relationships (CRM), it is interesting that proprietary software vendors spend between 50-70% of revenues convincing customers to buy their product (sales and marketing) and less than 10% of revenues actually making better products (engineering).

We thought there was a better way.

Why not write our product in public and distribute it through an open source license? Individuals and companies would be free to evaluate the product and engage with SugarCRM when they were ready for a commercial relationship.

We could shorten the costly and time-consuming enterprise sales cycle while allocating more toward engineering (almost half our company is part of R&D). The model requires putting your product in front of your sales force, which means having a fast, intuitive application that is easy to learn, use and extend.

Commercial Open Source

Commercial Open Source (COS) is based on the value Open Source software delivers to corporate buyers and the realization that existing commercial CRM applications are overpriced relative to the actual engineering dollars required to build these applications. The Commercial Open source model allows SugarCRM to offer:

  • Greater Innovation
  • Better Quality
  • Less Risk
  • Faster Payback

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SugarForge and Yahoo YUI !

Familiar with Sugar/Ramping-up on Yahoo! ?

For Sugar developers who are already familiar with the Sugar platform and have already been developing modules and customizing other areas of the application you will want to ramp up on the YUI Javascript library as well as the Yahoo! API's and Sites.


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