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stereo 3D demo and @dolby test videos

stereo 3D demo @lionsoundtechnology and @dolby test videos

dolby atmos & dolby 5.1, 7.1 & 9.1

3D & 8D pop (these might make you dizzy)

even instagram does stereo

the dolby digital 5.1 orch one is amazing



cool @thecoo #bluetooth stereo speakers from @amazonuk are great as #notebook speakers

the @thecoo #bluetooth stereo speakers from @amazonuk i mentioned earlier in https://wordpress.com/post/osde8info.wordpress.com/8219 are great as #notebook speakers the best stereo sound ive heard from a notebook in over 20 years

many thanks to @masterstudy for stereo testing videos

gadget of the day @thecoo stereo bluetooth speakers from @amazonuk

gadget of the day @thecoo technology ltd BT525 waterproof IPX7 stereo bluetooth speakers from @amazonuk

to get TWS wireless stereo you will need to buy two speakers and pair them together then pair them to your phone



you will then probably want to play some @MasterStudy Stero Sound Test videos to check which one is left and which one is right



the world is going 3d

3d objects (print your own using a reprap 3d printer)

tvrrug reprap "3d printer"

3d videos (create and watch)

you can even upload a 2D video to youtube and they can convert it to 3D for you