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wigle.net wifi stats now includes postcode stats

wigle.net wifi stats now includes postcode stats

osde8info stats

Rank: #353   (↓2 since last month)
Month Rank: #462   (↑94 since last month)
Discovered WiFi Networks with GPS: 139,796
Seen WiFi Networks: 282,751

WiFi this month with GPS: 710
WiFi last month with GPS: 2590
Discovered Cells with GPS: 4928

Seen Cells: 7247

Google Analytics v StatCounter on VOX

Google Analytics v StatCounter on VOX

Its a simple choice Google Analytics uses JavaScript and doesn't work in your VOX homepage embed while StatCounter can just use HTML and does work in your VOX homepage embed !

unique visitor counter

View My Stats

So now you can have webstats on your VOX page if you use StatCounter !

To add GoStats or StatCounter to your VOX just click My VOX, Design, Customise My Sidebar, Embed, Customise then paste the counter HTML into embed section !

Easy ?

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