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an asda android bargain ?

it turns out there might actually be a “bargain” android worth buying from asda

the #29 alcatel one touch tpop 4010x is certainly not since it runs out of internal memory and becomes unusable as soon as youve run all the google play updates

the #49 sony experia e might be the one

especially since its still #68 on amazon


SONY Amazing Spidey 3D

The Amazing Spider-Man 3D 2012  from SONY Pictures is simply the best film i’ve seen in 10 years and the best 3D film i’ve seen ever ! (however to be fair i’ve not seen very many in that time)


  • the SONY unbranding of the Pentax SLR camera
  • the SONY product placement of SONY VAIO notebooks
  • the SONY product placement of SONY XPERIA android mobiles
  • the screenplay
  • the 3D effects
  • New York
  • the comedy
Not sure about:
  • one corny line from auntie at the end
  • Gwen being 17 – according to IMDB Emma Stone is already 24


Go see it ! And go see it again if you didn’t see it in 3D the first time ! Then go see it in IMAX 3D !

androids to go

just followed the buy now links on http://www.google.com/phone/ and discovered expansys who sell sim free and unlocked google android mobiles in the UK:

and even the google android 4 ice cream sandwich

android mobiles are already only £20/month in the UK !

You can now get an android for only £20/month from two UK networks (three & vodafone) ! The downsides are the 24 month contract term and that they are slighter older HTC and Samsung models ! but you could always pay an extra £10-15/month if you really want the SONY 8M pixel X10 android !

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I saw a demo of the SONY 3D TV for the first time today in my local Currys !

sony 3d hd tv

Its pretty impressive but you need an updated SONY PlayStation and you need to wear SONY 3D glasses to see the 3D picture ! See http://share.ovi.com/media/osde8info.public/osde8info.10123 for a 2D video of the 3D TV !

And I can't wait till June 2010 or have the spare the £2500 reqd so I'll have to settle for images from these flickr and vimeo 3D groups in the meantime !

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loads-a-android venders

I had no idea there were so many venders already building google android mobile phones ! 

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