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a big thank you to @MGmotor for fixing the #ZS driverside electric window switch problems with the latest firmware / software update

a big thank you to @MGmotor for fixing the #ZS driverside electric window switch problems (ie when you press down down up and window actually goes down down down so that you get soaking wet if it is raining) with the latest firmware / software update


HP Photosmart C4585 critical updates

If you are getting fed up with your HP Photosmart C4585 All-In-One Printer becoming unresponsive, losing connection, crashing or hanging once a week you may be interested in the following "critical" firmware and software updates:

that i came across just before i was going to try and file an official bug report with HP ! So thank you HP for your updates and for all your HP Printer GNU/Linux drivers

All I have to do now is borrow someone's windoz PC so i can run your firmware upgrade EXE !

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Advocate dedicated blog for free libre open advocates!

Why does Advogato exist?

Advogato is intended to be a community site and social networking site for free software developers. When Raph Levien created Advogato, he said, While "Advogato" is a pun on the word "advocate," the goal of this site is quite different than the usual sense of OS advocacy or free software advocacy. Advogato's advocacy is for developers of free software: to make life more enjoyable, the work more satisfying, and to help balance the tension between the free nature of the enterprise and the human need for tangible compensation. Advogato doesn't care about the market share growth percent of the free software operating systems. What Advogato cares about is how to make the best use of the opportunities, and deal with the challenges, that this growth is creating.

Advogato also serves a testing ground for the use of trust metrics for peer certification.

Who is Advogato for?

Advogato is for, to paraphrase Neal Stephenson, the sort of people who inhabit the intersections of Venn diagrams. Primarily the intersection of people with an interest in free software and open source (FOSS).

The diagram in question was created by Hung Chao-Kuei for the Free Software Foundation and graphically represents the relationship between software distribution and licensing methods.

Maybe I should split my time betwen Advogato and VOX but my time is in short supply !

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Free Software Magazine

OpenSourceCMS …try FLO before you install…

OpenSourceCMS is not only about content management systems it lets you "try before you install" by hosting dozens of pre-installed free libre open source blogs, portals, cms, forums, wikis and MORE !

Do you want to try ?

  • dotProject
  • WordPress
  • WikkaWiki mind maps
  • etc etc

by just using your browser and without installing any software then goto OpenSourceCMS

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