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More news from rPath that I missed last month

SilverStripe Open Source CMS

There’s an rPath GNU/Linux distro for EVERYONE

There's an rPath GNU/Linux distro / software appliance / virtual machine for EVERYONE !

Here are some very specific examples :

and if you can't find one you like you can rBuild your own !

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rPath Webinar Archive (see technote to view on rPath distros !)

rPath webinar archive


  • Ingres Icebreaker BI Appliance: The Intelligent Way to Deliver Business Intelligence Software
  • How to Achieve Efficient Software Appliance Production with Agile Methods and Distributed Resources Using rPath's rBuilder™ and GlobalLogic Velocity™
  • How Digium Makes the Phones Ring Off the Hook for the Asterisk Appliance
  • Using Software Appliances to Deliver SaaS Value — Minus the Headaches
  • Zimbra (now Yahoo ?) Software Appliance Case Study


There is a technote that explains how you can use rPath GNU/Linux or Foresight GNU/Linux and the Firefox web browser to access WebEx  Use the process described in this guide to prepare your rPath Linux computer for use with WebEx. The process involves installing a Java runtime environment and some additional libraries for compatibility.

After installation, you can test WebEx by visiting their live demonstration site, or by using rPath's trial installation as detailed in the Resources section of this document.

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SalesForce v SugarCRM

rPath says “VMware is worth $17M”


VMware is worth $17B because their technology enables the dream of utility (or grid) computing. By eliminating the operating system as a bottleneck for attaching applications to computers, applications can now run flawlessly on any computer that has the VMware hypervisor as the bottom layer — with no expert resources required for testing, porting, stabilization, etc.

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rPath Reaches One Million Appliance Downloads

rPath™, provider of the first platform for creating and maintaining software and virtual appliances, today announced its one millionth software appliance download. Sources of the one million downloads of rPath-based appliances include rBuilder Online, as well as partner sites such as VMware’s Virtual Appliance Marketplace (VAM).


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