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Acquia Drupal Commons

Acquia Drupal Commons gives community members many different ways to communicate, gives community managers ways to grow your community, and gives site owners plenty of options on how to set up your community site. Commons utilizes dozens of Drupal plug-ins, and sets up numerous Drupal functional elements for you in order to take the guesswork out of building a community site.

Acquia Drupal BMN and SMN Bundle

Acquia Drupal is a freely available packaged distribution of the open source Drupal social publishing system. A collection of essential software from the Drupal community, Acquia Drupal provides a quick on-ramp to begin building Drupal websites.

Acquia Drupal simplifies the development of social publishing applications – social business websites that feature a seamless blend content and community capabilities. Whether building a public facing website, a community portal or an intranet application, Acquia Drupal provides the powerful foundation to engage visitors and encourage participation.

Acquia Drupal is free to download and use for any site

Acquia Drupal is GPL licensed and Acquia Drupal assembles together Drupal 6.x core with community contributed modules and Acquia modules to help you get started faster with Drupal.

bbc stargazing live multi multi media experience

tonights bbc stargazing live @ http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00wnvpf was my first ever multi multi media experience

multi multi media http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futurology !

Essential BMNm & SMNm for SMBs & SMEs

UCA / Creative Advantage Surrey organised a great course on "Business Media Network marketing (BMNm) & Social Media Network marketing (SMNm) for SMBs & SMEs" run by irun

irun really proved they understand BMNm & SMNm and have some additional resources you can use to understand even more about the future of BMNm and SMNm

and you can find more UCA Creative Advantage videos at

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Nonsuch Business Media Networking

Nonsuch Palace in Cheam, Surrey, is another good example of an organisation who understand Social Media Networking marketing and Business Media Networking marketing !

As well as the Nonsuch Palace corporate site you can find them on:

and have some of their events listed on upcoming

and they have even managed to get a 2min plug in a C4 TimeTeam 4OD special on Henry VIII mansions just fast forward to 01h08m !

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Rackspace show how BMNM should be done !

Rackspace Cloud have really got the hang of Business Media Network Marketing ! You will find a Rackspace Cloud presence on the following Social Media Networks and Business Media Neworks:

they have their own blog 
and Rackspace's Chairperson Graham Weston uses  
where you can see he is even a keen follower of netpromoter scores !

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pixelpipe anytime anywhere

Not only does pixelpipe let you upload photo(s) to dozens of BMNs & SMNs in a single click it is now available for hundreds of different devices !

If you are a googlefan you can even connect it indirectly to your googlebuzz account and use pixelpipe with photoshop.com mobile app on your googledroid !

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Its not too late to switch from NING to VOX !

NING will be closing ALL their free-of-charge BMNs and SMNs in Jul 2010 !  

Over the last few years NING have built up one of the biggest 'free-of-charge' Business Media Network and Social Media Network customer bases on the web but they now plan to start charging everyone an average of $10/month/network from July 2010 !

I imagine they are assuming that their revenue will to go from £0M to £100M within the year – this may well be true – provided of course that enough of their customers don't switch to alternatives to NING such as VOX, WebJam or WetPaint than continue to be FREE OF CHARGE !

You can read aout all the new non-free NING pricing plans @ http://about.ning.com/announcement/plans.php !

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