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GBBO want to create 100,000 SMB & SME sites in 2010

GBBO is a joint initiative by Google, Enterprise UK, BT, e-skills UK and many other partners to help small businesses create their first website and help them understand the opportunities offered by the Internet. We've set a target of helping 100,000 UK organisations get their first website easily and for free by the end of 2010.

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Essential BMNm & SMNm for SMBs & SMEs

UCA / Creative Advantage Surrey organised a great course on "Business Media Network marketing (BMNm) & Social Media Network marketing (SMNm) for SMBs & SMEs" run by irun

irun really proved they understand BMNm & SMNm and have some additional resources you can use to understand even more about the future of BMNm and SMNm

and you can find more UCA Creative Advantage videos at

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Assorted Google Calendars

Here are some assorted FLOSS & other Google calendars you may like !

  •      (Calendar ID: g72pef2iiuu28hmedcnce5h0u4@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: qpna5ns68f7mg0i4i3144meacg@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: enhf7e3cad3afc2iir8qq2u0ds@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: d1n27q6hsq56vcelnpvtom1tuk@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: kd5uv1ef5i412067uogofc6gcg@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: jsvshg562v20fl6qb6t830m17g@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: hfd4kb8t2459itpoleuahunaas@group.calendar.google.com)

Is there an better/easier way of sharing 'your' Google cal favs to others ?

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Accounting and Invoicing for SMBs and SMEs

There is now a choice of free libre open source software that you can use for Accounting and Invoicing for small medium business's (SMBs) and small medium enterprises (SMEs):

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