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alternatives to aliexpress with free returns or free shipping

there are plenty of alternatives to aliexpress but with free returns and/or free shipping

i will have a look at lightinthebox


goog play my library links

if you ever forget which goog account you bought some media on click on the following goog play my library links and switch between each and every one of your goog accounts

if you still cant find anything check your wishlist

if you cant find your android just goto find my android

local independent retailer restore faith in humanity

my local independent hoover retailer has restored my faith in humanity i recently bought some hoover tools over the internet that were not only damaged in transit due to hopeless packaging but didnt even fit

so i reordered some different ones from my local independent hoover retailer and went to pick them up from their shop and not only were they the right size they took my internet set in part exchange i dont think any of the big corporate chains would be capable of that !

BestBuy is arriving in the UK

Woolworths and the Credit Crunch on flickr !