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fon login page #wifi #wifi-sharing #wwwifi

the fon login page #wifi #wifi-sharing #wwwifi has moved to

more about fon

fon spots in epsom


goog photos #googphotos #search and #undelete and #googdrive #googone integration tips #flickralt #flickrip

goog photos #googphotos #search and #undelete and #googdrive #googone integration tips #flickralt #flickrip

and if i understand the “what happens when you change or delete a photo” section correctly its best not to link Goog Drive to Goog Photos but download your photos from Goog Drive to your PC first and then re upload them to Goog Photos

so @smugmug @flickr its not your #pricing its your #attitude thats the problem @cloudsfer @googone #cloud #photo #backup #sharing #smn #flickralt #flickrip

ive now spent $44 on @cloudsfer (for 50G bandwidth) and £15 (with £4 rebate) on @googone (for 100G storage) to save the 35,000 photos you will be deleting from my @flickr accounts next week

note to flickr users if you want to SAVE your @flickr photos from the @smugmug  incinerator you will need to use

if you have less than 5G then it will be completely free


some more @flickr #flickralt #flickrip photo site gotchas with @500px @everalbum @pexels and @shoebox

discovered even more @flickr #flickralt #flickrip photo site gotchas from 500px, everalbum, imgur, pexels and shoebox

some sites only let you import (from flickr) via the mobile app, some of the sites only let you upload via the mobile app, some dont accept pictures < 4M and some of them dont allow PNGs

flickr really WAS the ultimate solution before @smugmug killed it #flickrip

#flickrip @500px @everalbum @shoebox alternative photo backup and sharing sites

now that @smugmug are killing @flickr #flickrip its time to look at @500px @everalbum @shoebox alternative photo backup sharing sites

500px even lets you SELL your photos

7 days to #xmas but more importantly only 21 days until @smugmug kill your @flickr account photos #smn #fail

7 days to #xmas but more importantly only 21 days until @smugmug kill your @flickr account

use EVERALBUM (lower res) or MULTCLOUD to at least back up your photos to GOOG photos (lower res) or YANDEX before @smugmug kill them (apart from your latest 1000 photos)



Amazon #Households enables two adults within a family to share content and benefits

Amazon Households enables two adults within a family to collectively manage content and share access to membership benefits

  • Prime members can share Unlimited One-day Delivery, Prime Instant Video Streaming, and the ability to borrow books from Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.
  • Create a Family Library to share books, apps, and games on your Amazon devices and media apps.
  • Both adults can manage parental controls with Fire for Kids profiles for up to 4 children.