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why do #dating sites such as @okcupid imply they are exempt from #criminal law ?

increasingly dating sites such as okcupid are asking you more and more questions about your criminal activities such as substance abuse and terrorist sympathys but why do they imply that your answers will not be gathered and forwarded to the cia, fbi, gchq and nsa ?


desktop and browser #vpns from @stacksocial

if you want a vpn for your desktop or browser you could try vpnunlimited or zenmate from @stacksocial

how is it even possible to view the web securely ?

how is it even possible to view the web securely ? should i use a “secure” browser or a “secure” os or a “secure” vpn ?

“secure” duckduckgo browser

“secure” tor browser

“secure” os

“secure” vpn




zenmate vpn and webrtc protection browser extension update

to get the best zenmate vpn and webrtc protection make sure you have updated from browser extension plugin 6.1.3 to 6.2.0





bigdata forensic analysis with @paterva open source #maltego and #shodan tools #netadmin #security #sysadmin

bigdata forensic analysis and datamining with @paterva open source #maltego and #shodan tools

bitvpn vpn supports #kerio, #pptp, #openvpn and #httpsproxy

zenmate vpn (https://osde8info.wordpress.com/2016/02/06/vpns-from-themarysue-but-which-vpn-is-best/) seems to be easiest vpn to use but if you want more flexibility (and complexity) you can also get bitvpn vpn (https://bitvpn.org/) for $35 instead of $200


also more vpns deals at



bitvpn vpn supports

  • kerio
  • pptp
  • openvpn
  • https proxy

bitvpn vpn servers