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remember there is a non US alternative to goog – its called @yandex and based in russia

yandex has search, mail that actually lets you select and forward MULTIPLE emails, storage, maps, stats, dns services and a browser


investors wanted for @linkedin @twitter and other #bmn #blackhole search startup

investors/partners wanted for @linkedin @twitter and other #bmn #blackhole search startup which is ‘simply’ a search that shows you who SHOULD be connected but ISNT ie you can derive WHO thinks WHO is NOT the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Visit https://www.crystalknows.com/ to get another slant on the concept

google renames “zeitgeist” annual search stats “trends”

google renames “zeitgeist” annual search stats “trends”

  • 2011 http://www.googlezeitgeist.com/en/
  • 2012 http://www.google.com/zeitgeist/2012/#the-world
  • 2013 ?
  • 2014 http://www.google.com/trends/2014/

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summer dress search engine

summer dress fashion search engines

top 3 dresses

more dresses

are you living in a filter bubble ?

are you living in a internet search filter bubble ? 

you CAN escape your filter bubble by switching to duckduckgo

and using other techniques

easy fundraising

you can now easily raise for for your favorite charity by shopping online or searching online

theres even a google chrome extension that automatically starts your donation from certain sites or redirects you to a pre-login page that will start your donation

and some retailers make FREE donations just for switching to their service, participating in free trials or even simply registering on their site