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proof if you needed it that the search engines @bing @ecosia @google have in fact broken the internet

proof if you needed it that the search engines @bing @ecosia @google have in fact broken the internet

search for a simple phrase and you could get 36,900,000 results (altavista never gave you that many answers for any question)

  • the first results will be adverts
  • then there will be videos (!)
  • then newspaper articles

and finally if you are lucky you might get the actual link you need

an example

Q: how do i play a dvd on windows 10 ?

A: 36,900,000 results

only the seventh result gave me


flights & hotels search engines

flights & hotels search engines





remember there is a non US alternative to goog – its called @yandex and based in russia

yandex has search, mail that actually lets you select and forward MULTIPLE emails, storage, maps, stats, dns services and a browser

investors wanted for @linkedin @twitter and other #bmn #blackhole search startup

investors/partners wanted for @linkedin @twitter and other #bmn #blackhole search startup which is ‘simply’ a search that shows you who SHOULD be connected but ISNT ie you can derive WHO thinks WHO is NOT the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Visit https://www.crystalknows.com/ to get another slant on the concept

google renames “zeitgeist” annual search stats “trends”

google renames “zeitgeist” annual search stats “trends”

  • 2011 http://www.googlezeitgeist.com/en/
  • 2012 http://www.google.com/zeitgeist/2012/#the-world
  • 2013 ?
  • 2014 http://www.google.com/trends/2014/

thanks to

summer dress search engine

summer dress fashion search engines

top 3 dresses

more dresses

are you living in a filter bubble ?

are you living in a internet search filter bubble ? 

you CAN escape your filter bubble by switching to duckduckgo

and using other techniques