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Create your own “newspaper” with the Firefox Sage Addon

You can now create your own online "newspaper" with the Firefox Sage Atom & RSS reader Addon and chosing the "Render feeds in contents area" option !

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Talkr : Convert your RSS feed into a spoken word podcast

Talkr provides a service to convert your text-only RSS or Atom feed into a spoken word podcast.

Simply register for a Talkr Partners account, and point Talkr to your feed.


  • Talkr will automatically check your feed to see if you have published new articles
  • Talkr uses best-of-class text to speech software to convert your blog to a podcast
  • Talkr offers revenue share opportunities if you want to include advertising in your podcast or you refer new clients to Talkr
  • Your readers can listen to each article right from your blog — the audio links are auto-generated each time you post a new article in your blog!
  • Talkr provides a new RSS feed and "chicklet" to help your readers to add your podcast to their favorite podcast client
  • Talkr creates an iTunes-compatible podcast feed, so that you can specify a description, category and keywords that will appear within iTunes.
  • No work on your part past the initial configuration
  • Talkr is Free!

    Link to Podcast (RSS feed) for this blog

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Swik & Web 2.0 & bozpages


Why are Swik or Wikia better than Digg or MySpace?

Traditional communities are finite realms constraining the infinite power of the human mind!

I am not suggesting that Swik or Wikia are the answers to the world's problems, but they are a damned sight closer than the noise, adolecence and chaos of most communities out there right now. Face it folks cute don't always get it done!

Alex Bosworth and others have been creating innovative and provocative works like the Web 2.0 area at SourceLabs. Here you will find hundreds of hours of work revealing a consolidation of blogs unlike any I have seen, and simple mouseovers help navigation in the cleanest way.

Created with what Alex termed "bozpages", this simple organization of data looks ripe for the addition of your own personal touches. Swik is a work in progress, and it will take people to transform it into anything like I have suggested.


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Use Google Labs Reader to read VOX RSS feeds !

If you have a Google account just goto Google Labs Reader and just type "vox <someones-vox-name>" ie "vox osde-info" into the Google Reader search box and you'll instantly be able to subscribe to all their VOX RSS feeds ! Its a sort of FeedBurner in reverse !

You can even add Google Reader feeds to your Personalised Google homepage

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