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Can VOX please get some PR as fancy as NINGs ?

NING claims !

VOX (if all the above are true then)

  • VOX is worth $5000M !
  • VOX there's no better place to look
  • VOX is the next Google !

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does facebook own the metro ?

Another day means yet another article about facebook in the metro !

Todays facebook story is

  • Half of firms ban facebook

Here are some other technology stories in todays metro

  • Monster website cracked !
  • Does Google have too many cookies ?
  • Arm wrestling arcade game machine breaks three players arms !
  • Extra-marital dating website says men travel 212km to have affairs while women only travel 17km !

there are plenty of other social media networks out there so why do we never hear about VOX, NING, XING in the metro ?

maybe PC Pro own the metro and are slowly turning it into a daily newspaper for geeks and hackers !

Now that I would read EVERYDAY !

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maximum exposure for your flickr photos !

You can increase the visibility of your flickr photos by editing your flickr publicy, privacy & permissions

For maximum exposure (ha ha) i recommend

Global settings

  • Who can download your photos      Anyone
  • Who can print your photos              Any Flickr member    
  • Who can blog your photos               Any Flickr member    
  • Hide your photos' EXIF data            No

Defaults for new uploads
Who will be able to see, comment on, and annotate your photos    

  • See:                                                Anyone
  • Comment on:                                 Any Flickr user
  • Add notes and tags:                       Your contacts (or Anyone ?)

Defaults for new uploads

  • What license will your photos have        Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons AttributionShare Alike
  • Who will be able to see where your photos were taken       Anyone
  • Import EXIF location data                                                    Yes
  • Auto-rotate your photos                                                     Yes

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