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how to turn a tgz or zip into a code repo

If your favorite free libre open source project is only available as a tgz or zip (ie umlet) you can now easily turn it into a fully viewable & searchable code repository by using github or google code svn !
You can then use ohloh.net to analyse the code for you !


  1. sign up for a github or google code svn account
  2. CREATE a new repo (ie http://github.com/osde8info/UMLet)
  3. download tgz or zip
  4. untgz or unzip
  5. ADD files to repo
  6. COMMIT files to repo
  7. (if using github you may also need to 'remote add' and 'push')
  8. add enlistment to ohloh (ie git://github.com/osde8info/UMLet.git)

Sit back and enjoy the ohloh.net code analysis and stats !

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DSDM, RUP and now SCRUM & Sprint

Eclipse IDE is practically an OS !

single original (kernel) definition !

  • eclipse.org


  • at 150M download its bigger than some distros !

multiple distribution variants

  • aptana
  • easyeclipse

even has a builder distribution

  • yoxos


  • have dependancies
  • 30 updates reqd immediately after base install !
  • system updater that can run in background
  • it has mirrored repositories of updates 
  • can crash during updates !
  • its recommended to restart after updating
  • some addons/features/plugins create incompatibilities !
  • can be uninstalled

Eclipse13Eclipse30Eclipse24Eclipse patches


  • it calls itself the system !
  • it runs scripts
  • it invokes browsers
  • it has multiple perspectives/views

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Eclipse IDE, variants and add-ons

As well as the (IBM) Eclipse IDE I especially like Aptana Studio and Easy Eclipse variants.

Aptana because of its video tutorials available at aptana.tv and Easy Eclipse because of its extensive range of pre-packaged add-ons, plug-ins & extensions :



SCM & Version Control

Markup & XML

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Google Open Source Code Projects

Dorgem Open Source Web Cam software

The Dorgem Open Source Web Cam software project needs your help if you know Direct X  & Direct Show.

Dorgem has unlimited storage events that can put the captured image on an FTP site as well as a local disk, all with their own time interval. It can put a unlimited texts and bitmaps on the captured image before the image is stored.

Dorgem supports an unlimited number of simultaneous cameras. It has a built-in webserver for still images and can be used as security camera because of its motion detection.

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Coding is an Art – Daniel Stenberg

I consider coding an art. I really do. Good coders are cool people and coders who aren't good shouldn't be paid to code. Good coders are not as popular nor important today that I'd like them to be. Quality code is usually a forgotten issue in the huge corporate developing of today. All people are thought to do equally good. I wish people one day will realize that some people do better code, some do worse code. I'll become more appreciated that day.

You simply aren't a skilled programmer after a few years in college. You need time and time in front of a computer
bent over a keyboard. You need hundreds of hard hours hacking.

Daniel Stenberg

As well as being a great open source contributor Daniel has also writen some great intros on

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1000% PHP CMV coding productivity increase

PHP CodeIgnite CodeCrafter has just "written" EXACTLY the PHP CMV code that i spent all day yesterday writing in under 5 minutes ! Simply amazing !

Go Ahead and Make My Code !


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