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what is the perfect #twitter bio ?

the best i (https://twitter.com/osde8info) have thought of so far is:

free libre open source advocate : WARNING : i will block/report any non real people (companys or undesirables) who follow me : ALSO : http://SeeDisclaimer.com

i should probably add a link to this social media network code of practise too

what’s yours ?

VOX | Edit Profile | Contact Information | Your Accounts Elsewhere

How did I manage to miss the "VOX | Edit Profile | Contact Information | Your Accounts Elsewhere" other social media network accounts listing feature ? I've been using My Link instead / by mistake and wondering why i couldn't see the other SMN icons or add more that four other networks !

I've just sorted it out so now you can see links to my del.icio.us, flickr, pownce, last.fm, youtube, etc, etc accounts !

Make sure you change the default visibility of your other SMNs to "visible to : the world" (if thats what you want !)

How many users does it take before VOX add automatic icons to "other" SMNs such as mybloglog, nowpublic, virb ?

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