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can you remember everywhere you’ve ever been ? in the last week ? in the last 10 years ? well google #googtimeline can ! #history #privacy #security #googleneverforgets

can you remember everywhere you’ve ever been ? in the last week ? in the last 10 years ? well google location history #googtimeline can !

if your google location history is enabled you can even drill down to see the routes you took to get there

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accessing your goog activity and multiple photo accounts #flickalt #flickrip

accessing your goog activity

accessing multiple goog photo accounts

VPNs from @themarysue but which #vpn is best ?

these 3 all seem to offer desktop and mobile osx, windows, android and ios clients





if your are insterested instead of the paying monthy or annually you can get a lifetime deal for under £80 from themarysue

but apparently they will break netflix

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and most free vpns seem to have serious limitations or funded by ads

avoid @nsa #surveillance by using #secure email and a #secure vpn from @riseuplabs

avoid @nsa #surveillance by using #secure email and a #secure vpn from @riseuplabs




you can now add and make your #personality #public using your @linkedin #profile

be VERY careful but you can now add and make your #personality #public by using your @linkedin #profile

Look up anyone’s personality


Crystal analyzes your personality based on any public data written by you or about you, and confirms accuracy from people in your network.

a interviewers & recruiters nightmare or dream ?

try it  ! add your personality here https://t.co/M3JlmuuwR2

DISCLAIMER: Crystal profiles are a predicted personality profile based on analysis of social media information and other public data, as well as self and peer assessments taken on CrystalKnows.com. Statements in the personality profile are not intended to be factual – they are a combination of estimated personality insights intended to provide a “best guess” about a person’s preferred communication style.

Sign up with your LinkedIn account (recommended !!!)


When you connect with LinkedIn, you’ll be able to view your connections’ and coworkers’ personality profiles more quickly. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, click here.

Search for any person using their name, organization, location, and/or other specifics. Then, select the correct person and Crystal does the rest!

then use the    plugin  from

no @ca & @marketo i wont give you post access to #linkedin and #twitter just so i can download your pdf #readthesmallprint

no @ca and @marketo i dont want to give you post access to my linkedin and twitter accounts just so i can download your pdf (always read the small print)

LINKEDIN Marketo Social would like to access some of your LinkedIn info:

  • Name, photo, headline, and current positions
  • The primary email address you use for your LinkedIn account
  • Post updates, make comments and like posts as you

TWITTER Marketo Social will be able to:

  • Read Tweets from your timeline.
  • See who you follow, and follow new people.
  • Update your profile.
  • Post Tweets for you.

are you living in a filter bubble ?

are you living in a internet search filter bubble ? 

you CAN escape your filter bubble by switching to duckduckgo

and using other techniques