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android 2 pogo


  1. pair android mobile with polaroid pogo printer (use 6000 as id instead of 0000 or 1234)
  2. click gallery
  3. choose a photo
  4. click menu | share | via bluetooth
  5. choose the paired pogo (do not worry if it says “paired but not connected”)

the world is going 3d

3d objects (print your own using a reprap 3d printer)

tvrrug reprap "3d printer"

3d videos (create and watch)

you can even upload a 2D video to youtube and they can convert it to 3D for you

sometimes webpage font sizes are very tiny when you print them !

I think I've just worked out why this happens ! Maybe it's because there is no CSS at all so that firefox uses default system font-size (14px) or the text font size (in the CSS file) has been specified in pixels (px) instead of points (pt) !


body { font-size: 12px; }

instead of

body { font-size: 12pt; }

This seems to be the problem with the WikkaWiki CSS style sheets so i've created a ticket http://wush.net/trac/wikka/ticket/764 and fixed my own WikkaWiki sites !

Here is what print / print preview looks like before and after you've added / fixed your firefox and/or CSS !

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Turn a Photo in a Notelet

What you need :

  • A Photo
  • A image manipulation Program like IrfanView that lets you control size, position and margins of printouts
  • A Printer
  • A sheet of A4 paper

Steps :

  1. Open photo with your chosen program
  2. Change print size to 10cm (keep ratio)
  3. Chose Landscape Paper
  4. Add a horizontal margin / offset of 17cm
  5. Add a Vertical margin / offset of 12 cm
  6. Print
  7. Fold lengthwise
  8. Fold widthwise

Result :

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Photojojo – things to do with your camera and your photos

Photojojo is a newsletter about "a whole world of things you can do with your photos and with your camera that nobody ever told you about. Turn a photo into a mural at home in 5 minutes, print your friends' faces onto cupcakes, or get a bottlecap that turns any soda bottle into a tripod …"

Here a few "things" I found in their archives

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