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MyBlogLog Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 Aggregator

I've finally twigged how to use MyBlogLog ! Yahoo have done it again by buying the best Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 social media network aggregator I've seen yet !

  1. Join MyBlogBlog
  2. Add your blogs / sites / invisible wikki's etc, etc
  3. Add the MyBlogBlog JavaScript to your blogs / sites
  4. Authenticate your sites (by adding (& deleting !) a post or META tag)
  5. Add your Social Media Networks and Business Media Networks (they integrate with almost all of them such as del.icio.us, upcoming, last.fm,  flickr, youtube, pownce,  jaiku, etc, etc)
  6. Create a network of like minded social media networkers just like you would do on del.icio.us, flickr, last.fm or VOX
  7. Enjoy a single portal to all your co – social media networkers blogs, posts, pownces, twits, etc, etc !
  8. Finally send a feature request to MyBlogBlog asking them for VOX integration / support !

PS Please excuse all the excessive etc, etc's

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Open Source Intranet CMS’s

I've been looking for an Open Source Intranet CMS (which must support creation and administration of an internal company directory) and have created the following shortlist:

If you have any other suggestions or can personally recommend one of the above please let us know – obviously there wont be any sites we can look at because they'll be other companies internal corporate intranets !

I've just found a few more (via ohloh.net)

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Seagull CVM PHP framework

OpenSourceCMS …try FLO before you install…

OpenSourceCMS is not only about content management systems it lets you "try before you install" by hosting dozens of pre-installed free libre open source blogs, portals, cms, forums, wikis and MORE !

Do you want to try ?

  • dotProject
  • WordPress
  • WikkaWiki mind maps
  • etc etc

by just using your browser and without installing any software then goto OpenSourceCMS

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