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goog #panoramio and #picasa were shut down on 4nov16 and replaced by #gphot and/or #gplus

goog #panoramio and #picasa were shut down on 4 nov 16 and replaced by #gphot and/or #gplus

for extra help to find missing photos check

gphot and gplus

to upload more photos you need to download the goog photo uploader

and to continue to contribute your photos to gmaps you need to join goog local guides

goog+ and picasaweb

google have now absorbed picasaweb into goog+ so if you have a goog+ profile and you try to go to https://picasaweb.google.com/home you will be redirected to https://plus.google.com/photos instead

before you go ahead and create a goog+ profile make sure to read the rules about “Google+ Page and Profile Names”