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The Impossible Project – @Polaroid is Back #retro #photography


Polaroid Originals is a new brand from Polaroid dedicated to analog instant photography in the original, iconic format. It’s the next step in a journey started by The Impossible Project, who kept the format alive since 2008.

photo organising

photo oganising applications

photo organising utilities

11-11-11 flickr groups

11 flickr groups for 11-11-11



11 photo calendar printing sites

11 photo printing sites

web based

high street based

GOG Flickr MOO

O2 The Memory Project

O2 The Memory Project

Your chance to get inside a piece of photo/video art ! If you are in Edinburgh this weekend (26-27 Apr 08) "pop into" this piece of art ! If not then view the O2 The Memory Project 24 hour x 360 degrees Adobe Flash animation on the web !

It's a very arty/flashy/trendy Adobe Flash presentation and it is not very obvious how to navigate through it !

Here are some tips:

  • click on a city
  • then
  • move your mouse UP and DOWN to go forwards and back in time
  • or
  • move your mouse LEFT or RIGHT to rotate through 360 degrees

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