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Sun xVM VirtualBox and Sun xVM OpenVirtualBox

Sun xVM VirtualBox downloads are now available for most OS's including GNU/Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris and Windoz !

VirtualBox binaries are available for download under the PUEL (Personal Use and Evaluation License). This allows anyone to download and use the product free of charge in compliance with those terms.

For organizations that want to deploy across the business, Sun offers Sun xVM VirtualBox Enterprise Subscriptions
which includes a Sun Software License Agreement and Premium Service Plan.

Sun xVM OpenVirtualBox
VirtualBox source code is freely available and licensed under GPL2 as the Open Source Edition.

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Sun Solaris 10 and Sun OpenSolaris 10

Sun Solaris 10 Operating System and Sun OpenSolaris 10 Operating System

Supported on over 1000 x86 and SPARC platforms—delivers the performance, stability and security your users and customers demand. With more applications available than for any other open operating system, one OS can span your entire enterprise: the Web tier, the data warehouse, and the most demanding technical compute applications.

Solaris appears to be free of charge (subject to the Legal Requirements below) while OpenSolaris is free libre open and free of charge !

OpenSolaris Links

Solaris Links

Solaris Legal Requirements

The Solaris 10 code can be obtained via a free Web download, obtaining a Solaris 10 media kit through the Sun store, receiving Solaris 10 pre-installed on Sun systems, among other methods. Use of the operating system is governed by the terms of the Software License Agreement (SLA).

In order to use the Solaris 10 Operating System for perpetual commercial use, each system running the Solaris 10 OS must have an entitlement to do so. The Entitlement Document is delivered to you either with a new Sun system, from Sun Services as part of your service agreement, or via e-mail when you register your systems through the Sun Download Center.

In addition, if you install the Solaris 10 OS on additional systems, you must register those systems to receive an additional Entitlement Document.

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Spotlight on Open Source

If you missed Simon Phipps at Sun Tech Day London 07 you'll want to watch this :


Sun’s Open Source Contribution: $2 Billion, Dozens of Projects

Did you know that Sun contributes more than $200 million per year of intellectual property to the open source movement, in dozens of open source projects?

The company’s historical contribution tops $2 billion. WOW!

This month on SDNtv, tune in for a four-part look at Sun’s open source strategy and take a close look at several open source projects and how you can get involved.

In this week’s episode, guest host Dan Roberts (standing in for new daddy, Mark Herring) chats with Simon Phipps, Sun’s chief open source officer.

Tune in to hear Phipps explain how open source is radically changing the computer industry.

Stay tuned next week as Phipps hosts the Open Source Java Special.

You'll hear about OpenJDK, the new open source JDK project along with Project GlassFish.

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Future of Java : Open Source Projects and Communities

[sun tech day]

Open Source is

  1. Freedom to redistribute
  2. Source Code
  3. Freedom to create derived works
  4. Integrity or authors
  5. No discrimination against persons
  6. No discrimination against purpose

Licence Categories

  • A. Attribution BSD
  • B. Derivatives may be licenced differently CDDL, MOZIILLA
  • C. Derivatives must be shared GPL

Open Source is everywhere

  • 800,000 open source developers
  • Average experience 11
  • Average age 30
  • 87% of US companies use open source
  • IDC says its "the most significent software trend since 80's"
  • Its use is now insisted on by Brazilian and German governments


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The Zen of Free [Part 1.5]

[Sun Tech Day 2]

The Philosophy behind Open Source
Simon Phipps
Chief Open Source Officer

Topology of society has changed from Hub & Spoke to Mesh

Structure of society has changed and the Internet is turning society into a participation mesh

Consumers becoming participants (theyworkforyou.com)

Software Developement

  • Closed Room
  • Open Room
  • Open source is software developement in a participation society – connected capitalism.

Virtuous cycle of open source

  • Freedom to create derived works
  • Anyone can check code out
  • Few can check it back in

Software 3.0

  • Software mashups
  • Debian Ubuntu with OpenSolaris kernel – provides dtrace and ZFS to Ubuntu


  • CDDL for OpenSolaris
  • GPL for Java

Riches if

  • Collaborate
  • Compete
  • Contribute

Open Source will be dominent by the end of the decade !

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The future is OPEN

[Sun Tech Day 2]

James Gosling

Web Services
Flickr API & YouTube
Ruby on Rails

Web 3.0

  • More people
  • Stronger marketplace
  • Stronger communities
  • Lifestyle
  • Community
  • Interaction

Flickr and YouTube only provide the framework, the content is generated by the community

Google Web Toolkit – compiles Java into JavaScript
Java Web Start

HTML is not enough
Security matters
There is more than one desktop now

"Build the future"
"You can participate"

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OpenSolaris will be the new/next opensource kernel of choice

Now that Sun have Sun have opensourced Solaris as OpenSolaris some people have already created a new distro with an OpenSolaris backend (kernel) and an Ubuntu frontend !

This gives you the stability and power (dtrace, ZFS) of the OpenSolaris kernel and the human usability of Ubuntu !

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Sun OpenSolaris London Tech Days 07 (Day 3) [Summary]

It was a mixed bag at today's Sun Tech Day

"The Zen of Free" (part 1.5 !) by Simon Phipps, Chief Open Source Officer, Sun inc, who is always worth watching even if he is saying the same thing !

"VMware" hadn't been told NOT to do a marketing presentation and deservedly got heckled ! In the "good old days" VMware would have been booed off stage !

"jMaki & AJAX hands on lab"
10 out of 10 ! I will actually try NetBeans now !


"AMD" I think everyone was just there to win the prize draw for a Solaris Workstation !
"Future of Java: Open Source Projects and Communities" Interesting but I'm already a believer !

"Mobile J2ME drag drop app building with NetBeans" OK ! OK ! I get the point ! I will try NetBeans !

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