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Series 60 Software for Bluetooth GPS’s

If you have a Series 60 mobile phone with GPS or bluetooth GPS such as a NOKIA 6220 you can help OpenStreetMap by uploading GPX tracks. First you need to upload some Series 60 GPS tracking software to your mobile then you can start posting your tracks to OpenStreetMap.

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Open XML community !

We believe that Open XML can help spark an explosion of innovation and investment, which will bring great benefits for customers and the broad ecosystem, in the years to come. We support Open XML becoming an ISO standard.

Announced March 21, 2006, the Open XML Formats Developer Group was initially founded by 40 organizations from around the world to provide a technical forum for developers who are interested in using the Ecma International-developed Office Open XML file formats. Membership in the community is open to anyone free of charge to enable broad development with the formats, regardless of platform. Below are further details on the community’s goals, developers who are involved in working with the Office Open XML formats, and quotes about the value of the community and the formats.

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Open Architecture

Open Architecture Network

Architects, designers, engineers and anyone else involved in the building trades is welcome to share their ideas on the network – but the network is not just for professionals. Community leaders, nonprofit groups, volunteer organizations, government agencies, technology partners, healthcare workers, educators and others are also invited to collaborate on projects and share their expertise. After all if we're to meaningfully address the challenges of building a sustainable future, we'll need (a lot of) help from people of all walks of life.

Far from replacing the traditional architect, the goal of the Open Architecture Network is to allow designers to work together in a whole new way, a way that enables 5 billion potential clients to access their skills and expertise.

The Open Architecture Network has a simple mission: to generate not one idea but the hundreds of thousands of design ideas needed to improve living conditions for all.

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Sun OpenSolaris London Tech Days 07 (Day 1) [Summary]

Todays Sun Tech Day was an inspirational and motivating as ever

The Zen of Free by Simon Phipps (impressive yet again) (he's already blogged his morning in London)

  • Open Source is Topology of Society
  • Closed Source is a closed room with none of the smart people
  • Open Source is an open room with all of the smart people
  • not giving back is bad for you
  • no-one has ever forked Apache
  • Open Source gives customer choice of what to spend their money on : service, support, staff or risk it !
  • 26% of Debian has been written by Sun (9% by IBM 5% by RedHat)
  • As well as OpenOffice.org Sun also contibute to Gnome and Mozilla (i18n)

Collaborate, Compete & Contribute

OpenSolaris Kernel Debugging
Kicked off to a great start when the audience was asked "Does anyone here actually do any kernel debugging" and of course none of us did ! Sound advice included "If you don't understand this (patching opcodes in memory) then don't do it". And topped off with "I never did figure out why the system failed at midnight – but a fix is a fix".

Building and Deploying OpenSolaris
Did you know

  • 2000 users in Poland have registered on OpenSolaris.org
  • There are already 7 distros based on OpenSolaris
  • Nexenta distro uses GNU Debian packages and Ubuntu apps
  • Schillx is a live CD distro

We want you to contribute easiest to start with a bite sized bug that you are interested in

OpenSolaris Virtualisation Technologies
OpenSolaris supports

  • XEN with guests on ZFS
  • Zones 

CentOS 3 or Red Hat RHEL 3 can run using a Solaris kernel instead of Linux (so you can use dtrace etc etc)

New Security Features in OpenSolaris
Trusted Extensions

  • Similar to SE linux (in my view)
  • Processes and resources have labels
  • Uses Zones
  • Can prevent cut & paste between Gnome windows with different security levels (SE linux doesn't do this)

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Open Document Format aka ISO/IEC 26300

ISO/IEC 26300, Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) v1.0
has been designed to be used as a default file format for office applications with no increase in file size or loss of data integrity.

It will allow users to save and exchange editable office documents such as text documents (including memos, reports, and books), spreadsheets, databases, charts, and presentations – regardless of application or platform in which the files were created.


OpenOffice.org uses ODF !

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