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Its not too late to switch from NING to VOX !

NING will be closing ALL their free-of-charge BMNs and SMNs in Jul 2010 !  

Over the last few years NING have built up one of the biggest 'free-of-charge' Business Media Network and Social Media Network customer bases on the web but they now plan to start charging everyone an average of $10/month/network from July 2010 !

I imagine they are assuming that their revenue will to go from £0M to £100M within the year – this may well be true – provided of course that enough of their customers don't switch to alternatives to NING such as VOX, WebJam or WetPaint than continue to be FREE OF CHARGE !

You can read aout all the new non-free NING pricing plans @ http://about.ning.com/announcement/plans.php !

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DROID week in London

SkillsMatter are sponsoring both DroidCamp and DroidConf on 1 Dec 09 and 2 Dec 09 !





See you there ! or if you cant make it why not join the Londroid monthly meeting group
http://www.meetup.com/android/ or the worldwide NING BMN Group http://droidcon.ning.com/

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NING re-instates VOX-like multi social network features !

Yes after six months of campaining NING have just reinstated a number of "VOX" like multi social media network features ! On the 'new' NING you can now :

  • See email notifications from all your NING networks in one place !
  • Set default settings for all NEW NING networks !
  • See which OTHER NING networks your friends are members of ! (it's no longer TOP SECRET information if you WERE relying on this !)

However its still takes a few 1000 clicks to sync your preferences across all your existing NING networks (if you are a member of 50 or more) !

Thank You NING and keep following (re-enabling and adding) VOX like features and we'll keep following you !

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Ning isolates friends and adds support for OpenSocial profiles

Ning have recently isolated your Ning friend lists so friends and friend requests sent are now listed separately on each Ning network !

Also according to CNET Ning now supports OpenSocial profiles

Ning OpenSocial Docs

Ning OpenSocial Best Practises

Ning Application Directory

OpenSocial Dev App

This OpenSocial application provides the ability to write and save JavaScript code samples to execute against OpenSocial containers. This helps rapidly test sample OpenSocial code.

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NING GNU/Linux/Ubuntu Groups of Groups

ALL my secret NING networks !

ALL my secret NING networks !

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There must be an easy way to turn the links on these pages into working links !
Any ideas ?

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