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tenda nova #mesh #wifi #meshwifi #xmas networking fun #netadmin thanks to @amazonuk #todaysdealsand @tenda @tendauk

thanks to amazon uk  todays deals i have managed to build a 4 node tenda nova mesh wifi network for less than £100  – one 2 pack for £40 (todaydeal) and second 2 pack for £60 (ebuyer assoc)

almost ZERO config i just had to factory reset one of the boxes and swap it to be master then all 4 nodes worked fine and as a bonus my 2.4G network is now 5G enabled

probably overkill for a 1 bed flat but perfect for a 4+ bed house

on amazon







bitvpn vpn supports #kerio, #pptp, #openvpn and #httpsproxy

zenmate vpn (https://osde8info.wordpress.com/2016/02/06/vpns-from-themarysue-but-which-vpn-is-best/) seems to be easiest vpn to use but if you want more flexibility (and complexity) you can also get bitvpn vpn (https://bitvpn.org/) for $35 instead of $200


also more vpns deals at



bitvpn vpn supports

  • kerio
  • pptp
  • openvpn
  • https proxy

bitvpn vpn servers

VPN blocking and breaking with VPN blacklists

Before you splash out on a VPN its worth thinking about how the BBC (and NetFlix etc) can block and break them by using VPN blacklists:

VPN blacklists


VPNs from @themarysue but which #vpn is best ?

these 3 all seem to offer desktop and mobile osx, windows, android and ios clients





if your are insterested instead of the paying monthy or annually you can get a lifetime deal for under £80 from themarysue

but apparently they will break netflix

see also

and most free vpns seem to have serious limitations or funded by ads

before buying a #domain from @123-reg, @godaddy or @ovh check that #dnssec is included #netadmin #sysadmin #security

ive just had three quotes £20+tax, £30, £60 for a couple of domains from 123-reg, godaddy and ovh domain registrars

interestingly godaddy and ovh now show trademark disclaimers

domain disclaimer

domain disclaimer

i ended up chosing OVH (not the cheapest) because they have additional services included for free:

Activation of the OVH Whois Obfuscator

The free OwO service enables you to hide your personal information, WHOIS for domains ending with the following extensions: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .cc, .tv and .me .

For further information, please see our guide: OwO (OVH Whois Obfuscator)


Activation of the DNSSEC protocol

The free activation of the DNSSEC protocol allows you to protect your domain against cache poisoning and to fill some inherent gaps in the DNS protocol designed to falsify answers from DNS servers. If you tick this box, the DNSSEC option will be enabled on your domain from its registration, seamlessly. Otherwise you will be able to activate DNSSEC at any time via your manager.

For further information, please check our DNSSEC presentation sheet.


Free of charge CDN

cloudflare.com/ are offering a free of charge CDN (cloudflare.com/plans) and reverse proxy web cache for web sites

theres even a CloudFlare plugin for WordPress

however be sure to take note of CloudFlare’s T&Cs:

CloudFlare may:

  • Rewrite content in order to hide sensitive information from select visitors to your site.
  • Add cookies to your domain to track visitors, such as those who have successfully passed a CAPTCHA.
  • Add tracking codes or affiliate codes to links that do not previously have tracking or affiliate codes.
  • Add script to your pages to, for example, add services or perform additional performance tracking.
  • Intercept requests determined to be threats and present them with a block page.
  • Other changes to increase performance or security of your website.

CDN References

Be sure to check your DNS settings before 9 Jul 12


The FBI have discovered that DNSChanger’s malicious DNS servers were being used to automatically and involuntarily convert the DNS settings of millions of people around the world, then using that control to redirect valid URLs to malicious sites.


The FBI took over the servers, but realized fast they couldn’t simply shut them down. To do that would immediately take all infected Internet users offline, as without DNS it’s as though the Internet doesn’t work.

The FBI and other invested groups have campaigned for the remaining estimated 350,000 infected people to switch their DNS proactively to a secure service which infected users will now HAVE to do before 9 Jul 12 !

DNS services that you should you use instead of DNSChangers include:

Your ISPs default DNS settings !

DNS Advantage


Google DNS