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three mobile data costs £3,000/GB in Europe !

three mobile data costs vary a lot !

Direct access on phone:

  • £3/M = £3,000/GB in Europe
  • £2/M = £2,000/GB in UK
  • £0.25/M (pre-pay 10M/m) = £250
  • £5/G (pre-pay 1G/m) = £5

PC access via phone modem :

  • £10/G (pre-pay 1G/m) = £10
  • £5/G (pre-pay 3G/m) = £5

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three PAYG 3G broadband access

three.co.uk have just lauched PAYG 3G broadband access

First decide how much bandwidth you need
(PS I've just been surfing for 1hr and used 20M (upload & download) of my 1G limit)


  1. Buy a voucher
  2. Enter and activate voucher code
  3. Use USB dongle (£50) or phone modem (from £12/m) to connect and use


  • 1G bandwidth £10 (expires after 30 days)
  • 3G bandwidth £15 (expires after 30 days)

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It’s not often you only get 12 results from Google !