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the power of opensource (eg android opencamera app)

maybe you have been enjoying using the opensource android opencamera app

maybe you love the fixed infinite focus feature and maybe youre thinking i would like another new feature like “auto untilt” !

well thats the power of opensource you can ADD any feature you want yourself just get the free libre open source code, learn java and android mobdev and away you go

PS BUT google first as you may find its already been written and it turns out that “auto untilt” already exists -albeit with the wrong name

ms @microsoftuk finally adopts #crossplatform and #flos #opensource approach

ms finally adopts #crossplatform and #flos #opensource approach for appdev, embdev, mobdev and webdev

Salesforce Mobile SDK learning path

Salesforce Mobile SDK learning path:

forcedotcom salesforce mobile sdk code examples on github

Google Android* OS for Intel® Architecture

Google Android* OS has arrived for Intel® Architecture

When building your Android VM dont forget to add a second disk for your virtual SD card and change the kernel boot params as follows

  • DATA=sda1 SDCARD=sdb1

android intel X86
android intel X86

SalesForce CloudForce London 2012 Condensed

SF customers

  • activision
  • burberrys
  • chipsaway use a sf based mobile app with goog apps & goog cal
  • o2
  • spotify

SF random stats

  • ios app store has 400,000 apps and raised £24BN or £5000/app
  • sf app store has 1400 apps and raised $300M or £200,000/app
  • o2 has 23M UK customers
  • everything everywhere (orange) has 27M customers
  • last qtr apple iphone revenue alone was > M$ entire revenue
  • 4M business use goog apps
  • the no1 reason smbs move to cloud apps is for mobilty not price
  • goog goggles visually indexes every image you upload to goog apps

SF random links

  • green.salesforce.com
  • salesforce.com/uk/LUGsite.com
  • do.com
  • database.com
  • touch.salesforce.com
  • sharethemodel.org
  • iodocs.docusign.com

SF based / integrated apps

  • sumo – sustainability calculator app
  • spotzer – goog map invoicing system
  • desk.com
  • docusign
  • taxio

SF compatible developer tools and toolkits

  • sencha touch
  • iscroll
  • phonegap
  • knockout
  • jsfiddle
  • github/hiroku
  • github/wesnolte/voodoo
  • appcelerator titanium
  • brightgen
  • jquery
  • visualforce
  • js remoting
  • sublime


salesforce cloudforce london