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did you know windows 7 plays DVDs but windows 10 doesnt (without downloading VLC)

did you know windows 7 plays DVDs but windows 10 doesnt (without downloading VLC)

Upgrade to Windows 8 or 10 and you may be surprised to find that you can no longer play video DVDs or Blu-ray. Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 8 and 10 don’t include built-in support for playing DVDs.

Microsoft opted not to include DVD support because so many new computers – especially tablets and ultrabooks – aren’t coming with DVD drives. Microsoft pays a licensing fee for each copy of Windows that ships with DVD support.

so you may need to download VLC today


Songbird Open Source Media Player


Songbird is a desktop media player mashed-up with the Web. Songbird is committed to playing the music you want, from the sites you want, on the devices you want, challenging the conventions of discovery, purchase, consumption and organization of music on the Internet.


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BBC iPlayer WILL available to users of a range of operating systems


The response from the Prime Minister's office said: "The BBC Trust made it a condition of approval for the BBC's on-demand services that the iPlayer is available to users of a range of operating systems, and has given a commitment that it will ensure that the BBC meets this demand as soon as possible. They will measure the BBC's progress on this every six months and publish the findings."

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Open Source alternative to the locked BBC media player !


Free and open-source, because open media matters.


(Now is the time to Throw Away Your TV and stop paying BBC & MS £120/year)

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VideoLAN Client (VLC) media player and VideoLAN media streaming


VideoLAN is a software project, which produces free software for video, released under the GNU General Public License. Our main product is the cross-platform VLC media player.


The VideoLAN streaming solution includes two programs:

  • VLC media player which can be used as a server and as a client to stream and receive network streams. VLC is able to stream all that it can read.
  • VLS (VideoLAN Server), which can stream MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 files, DVDs, digital satellite channels, digital terrestial television channels and live videos on the network in unicast or multicast. Most of the VLS functionality can now be found VLC.
  • Usage of VLC instead of VLS is advised.

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