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android pixelpipe revisited

If you ever want to upload a photo or video to dozens of BMNs and SMNs with a single click try pixelpipe on your android, iphone or symbian mobile! pixelpipe now supports dozens of BMNs and SMNs including flickr, photobox, photobucket and VOX !

I'm currently only uploading to eight separate BMNs and SMNs but plan to add more soon !

pixelpipe will also save me a small fortune in mobile upload data costs since some UK 3G mobile networks charge between £1/M – £6/M (esp when roaming in europe).

So uploading 10 x 1M photos will only cost me £10 instead of £80, £160 or even £320 if i were on 32 photo BMNs and SMNs !

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Sprout widgets mashups & mini-sites

Sprout is a quick and easy way for beginner and pro users to create living content including, websites, banners, videos, music, photos, RSS feeds, calendars and more.

Sprouts are interactive and portable chunks of web content. Some people call them widgets, mashups or mini-sites but we just call them sprouts.

I wonder if they work as VOX embeds ?

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flickr flickriver badge to put on your blog

Create a dynamic flickriver badge (thats uses the Yahoo flickr API) to put on your profile, group, blog or website

OSDE-INFO™ - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

or just use
flickriver as a viewer for your favorite flickr profiles !



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