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dont worry if your #windoz 7 update is using 80% cpu for over 2hrs it hasnt crashed its still updating

dont worry if your brand new windoz 7 installed windows update is using 80% cpu for 2hrs it hasnt crashed its preparing to update 800M or maybe its unregistered and m$ are throttling updates for unregistered installs

note it takes a further 2hrs to actually install the updates

windows 7 update

free m$ azure cloud for 3 years for startups that are less than 5 years old


  • Get £91.64 per month of FREE Azure cloud services for 3 years
  • Free software and tools such as Visual Studio and Office
  • Available to tech start-ups less than 5 years old that are privately held and earning less than £0.6 million annually

#XML Paper Specification (#XPS)


The XML Paper Specification (XPS) provides users and developers with a robust, open and trustworthy format for electronic paper. The XML Paper Specification describes electronic paper in a way that can be read by hardware, read by software, and read by people. XPS documents print better, can be shared easier, are more secure and can be archived with confidence.

java everywhere !

last month it was the java (mains) plug ! now java is appearing in the android dalvik vm and SalesForce java enterprise clouds from VMware

if you're a java newbie you might like http://www.javaranch.com/ and maybe the java cloud really is the begining of the end of m$

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