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MS store london #microsoftldn week 2

360 3D walkaround

apparently @microsoftuk is blocking access to windows 10 iso downloads ! why ?

apparently @microsoftuk is blocking access to windows 10 iso downloads ! why ?

and only allowing you to make an ISO locally with the windows media creation tool

but groovypost claim you can still get an ISO by downloading from linux instead of windows


Only @MicosoftUK ENTERPRISE users will get support for #Windows 7 after Jan 2020 :( #desktop #os #sysadmin

Only Micosoft Windows ENTERPRISE users will get support for Windows 7 after Jan 2020 ūüė¶


Windows 7 may reach end of life for average consumers next year, but enterprise users can opt for Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU) which will allow them to continue using Windows 7 (Professional and Enterprise versions) with the above assistance (perhaps even more) until January 2023.

but Windows 7 Embedded WILL be support until 2021

Windows 10 Download

Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Windows 10 Previews

some more @microsoftuk windowkey + . #unicode #bugs #fail

on a webpage in firefox the first click of a windowkey + . heart gives black heart the second click (after clicking orange and yellow) gives red heart

screenshot_2019-01-20 ecosia - the search engine that plants trees

screenshot showing BLACK redheart then RED redheart

missing windowkey + . tooltips (icontips for white heart, brown heart and yellow shorts characters most tooltips / icontips (including ironically) the broken heart work fine


screen shot showing broken heart tooltip


toshiba ms windows 7 ms office 2010 starter edition bundles

if you have a toshiba with ms windows 7 and ms office 2010 starter edition bundle do not throw it away (fyi ms office 2010 starter is an official ms adware funded edition of ms office)

despite what it says if you randomly goog the net ms office 2010 starter can work with m$ windows 8 and m$ windows 10 if you follow the correct procedure

The biggest confusion is that M$ have named the Office Starter 2010 installer app “MS¬†Office Starter 2010” and this installer app ONLY appears while your OS is windows 7.

IMPORTANT The Microsoft Office 2010 item only appears on a Windows 7 PC that has Microsoft Office Starter 2010. It is used to install Office Starter 2010 and is NOT the full-featured version of Office 2010.

ms office 2013 or 2016 install 32bit or 64bit AND there is ¬£30 off this #blackfri

to (re)install ms office 2013/2016 32bit or 64bit you will FIRST need to login to

and enter your 2013 or 2016 licence key (apparently even the ones on the italian packaged boxes that are being sold by amazon uk should work)

to choose between ms office 32bit or 64bit consider these (esp if any of your VBA code uses declare statements)

and today only ms have a blackfri/sat/sun special £30 off ms office 2016

ms #windows #windows10 activation troubleshooter and hardware changes

Before you change your hardware you must upgrade your Windows 10 to version 16.07 build 14393.

windows 10 version 16.07 build 14393

Then add your Microsoft account and link it to your Windows10 digital licence only then can you change your hardware and move your Windows10 licence onto it

#free #fake #windows 7 vms by @microsoftuk for you to download available on https://dev.modern.ie/

free fake windows 7 vms by microsoft uk for you to download available on


“This copy of Windows is not genuine” ?


please sire i downloaded it from the microsoft windows site http://www.modern.ie ?


when i run the free fake microsoft windows 7 why does chkdsk kick in the first time ?

This copy of Windows is not genuine