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linuxlite gnu/linux distro pros and cons

linuxlite 3.8 gnu/linux distro pros and cons


  • it boots into a gui from iso (you can then click install to hd)
  • the 64bit version works even on a Pentium Dual Core T4200 2Ghz
  • it works as a vm in virtualbox or vmware
  • it has aptitude and synaptic preinstalled
  • it has vi (yes there are some distros that dont)
  • its based on a LTS ubuntu (16.04)
  • it takes the best of LX (lightdm, lxterm) and XFCE (other apps)


  • points to US repos
  • proprietary repos are enabled
  • dev repos are enabled
  • install log msg timestamps are in a US timezone even when you install it in the UK

#oracle #gnu/#linux 6 alternative #xfce #webkit #browser

if you are fed up with firefox 17 crashing on your oracle linux 6 xfce desktop and since google have broken chromium on centos 6 and red hat 6 you might like to try the midori webkit based browser instead

binary emotions

binary emotions http://www.binaryemotions.com/

webkiosk os

digital sign os

kid safe os

even postfix isnt selinux compliant

thanks goodness for selinux permissive mode


SELinux is preventing postalias (postfix_master_t) “write” to ./aliases.db (etc_t).

Detailed Description:

[SELinux is in permissive mode, the operation would have been denied but was permitted due to permissive mode.]

SELinux is preventing postalias (postfix_master_t) “write” to ./aliases.db (etc_t). The SELinux type etc_t, is a generic type for all files in the directory and very few processes (SELinux Domains) are allowed to write to this SELinux type. This type of denial usual indicates a mislabeled file. By default a file created in a directory has the gets the context of the parent directory, but SELinux policy has rules about the creation of directories, that say if a process running in one SELinux Domain (D1) creates a file in a directory with a particular SELinux File Context (F1) the file gets a different File Context (F2). The policy usually allows the SELinux Domain (D1) the ability to write, unlink, and append on (F2).

But if for some reason a file (./aliases.db) was created with the wrong context, this domain will be denied. The usual solution to this problem is to reset the file context on the target file, restorecon -v ‘./aliases.db’. If the file context does not change from etc_t, then this is probably a bug in policy.

Please file a bug report (http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/enter_bug.cgi) against the selinux-policy package. If it does change, you can try your application again to see if it works. The file context could have been mislabeled by editing the file or moving the file from a different directory, if the file keeps getting mislabeled, check the init scripts to see if they are doing something to mislabel the file.

Additional Information:

Source Context                user_u:system_r:postfix_master_t
Target Context                user_u:object_r:etc_t
Target Objects                ./aliases.db [ file ]
Source                        postalias
Source Path                   /usr/sbin/postalias
Port                          <Unknown>
Host                          localhost.localdomain
Source RPM Packages           postfix-2.3.3-2.3.el5_6
Target RPM Packages
Policy RPM                    selinux-policy-2.4.6-327.el5
Selinux Enabled               True
Policy Type                   targeted
MLS Enabled                   True
Enforcing Mode                Permissive
Plugin Name                   mislabeled_file
Host Name                     localhost.localdomain
Platform                      Linux localhost.localdomain

android is actually simplifying my life

Thanks to googles android mobile free libre open source mobile phone technology I can now leave dozens of apple iPod, iPhone, iTouch, NOKIA E* series, NOKIA N* series, Nintendo NDS, Palm, Symbian S60 & Treo etc etc flickr, NING & VOX bmn & smn groups and just focus all my efforts on androids ! A platform thats even lets me replace the system keyboard with a morse code reader has got to be the answer to everything !

Well that's the plan !

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loads-a-android venders

I had no idea there were so many venders already building google android mobile phones ! 

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Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) is freely re-distributable !

Oracle Enterprise Linux (and Oracle VM) is freely RE-distributable !

Yes, it's free download but also free to re-distribute including copyrights and trademarks, see the EULA for more details.

And theres now a public yum server for OEL that offers a free and convenient way to install packages from the Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM installation media via a yum client.

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BlueCat® embedded Linux® from LynuxWorks™