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keyboard and mouse sharing now you have a choice

keyboard and mouse sharing now you have a choice

windows only

windows and mac osx

windows and mac osx and gnu/linux



have @symless #synergy completely abandoned #opensource for #freeware or has their site been hacked by @bartelsmedia @sharemouse

google for symless synergy download and you get a link to an unindexed page for symless sharemouse

DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK ON THIS PAGE as it points to a download of an obsolete freeware version of sharemouse

the official indexed symless synergy download page makes no mention of this product

if you want to try the NON linux NON opensource sharemouse then download it from here instead

the portable version is nice in that it doesnt install anything and can run from usb !

if you want to buy the non linux non opensource sharemouse instead of symless synergy then you can go to their shop

however symless have plenty to learn from their non opensource competitor sharemouse is 100 x easier to configure screens on as there is ZERO config required and no messing around with IP addresses or computer names

great job @adolfoluzardo @nickboltonuk @xinyuhou1003 for fixing SHIFT bug in @synergyseamless win 7/10 1.4.18 in 1.7.5

great job    for fixing SHIFT bug in  win 7/10 1.4.18 in 1.7.5


the  download links (for old broken 1.4.18 version) have disappeared YET AGAIN ! and how long will the #free #blackfri promo code (BlackFriday2015) work

I don’t want to compile it myself from

or use the nightly builds

See also

Finally on the SynergySeamless 1.7.5 about page the flos opensource copyleft copyright info doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2012.

synergy project about

on 10aug15 all links to the #usedtobe #free-of-charge synergy project #flos #kvm download exes were deleted

On 10aug15 all links to the used to be free-of-charge synergy project #flos #kvm screen sharing exes for m$ windoz were deleted from the synergy site and sourceforge

DO NOT waste time your time signing up for a “FREE” account it does NOT let you download synergy project for FREE unless you are a student or have another qualifying excuse

You will need to download m$ visual studio community and the synergy project sourcecode from git hub and then compile it yourself.

howto create a chromium os vm

You can either try the official way that uses ubuntu and kvm

or try creating a bootable USB drive with chromium os x86-generic

and then trying to boot the USB drive from vmware player using plop

bytemark kvm web hosting

just started to try bytemark kvm web hosting and its looking good so far

the bytemark kvm lets me reboot and choose between centos or ubuntu distros and the single core virtual cpu seems to be quicker than my old physical dual core atom !

bytemark kvm control panel

if it keeps going well i might even finally replace vmware server with kvm on all my servers


kernel virtual machine (kvm) virtualisation

There is yet another virtualisation technology on the block !


kvm only run on processors that supports x86 hvm (vt/svm instructions set) whereas Xen also allows running modified operating systems on non-hvm x86 processors using a technique called paravirtualization. kvm does not support paravirtualization for cpu but may support paravirtualization for device drivers to improve I/O performance.
kvm FAQ

Proprietary vendors take note :
Xen and kvm make use of Intel-VT and AMD-V hardware virtualisation features !

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