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IBM Information Management & other webcasts


These webcasts cover a wide range of information services such as Content Management and Discovery, Database Servers and Tools, Data Warehousing and Analytics, Information Integration and Master Data Management.


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Sun Webcast: The End of IT (& your IT dept) as we know it !

According to (a fairly long) Sun Webcast (with no << or >> so pay close attention)

  • "employees connect to work instead of going to work"
  • "personal activities blur with enterprise activities"


Alternatively download the PDF of the presentation and you see that Slide 13 says it all !

It sounds to me like the future has already arrived at Sun and that OSAAS and SAAS are the future for 2015 !

Sun : "Think different ! You no longer need an IT dept" ! Do you think Sun are right about the future again ?

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XING IT groups of groups (GOG)


Hardware & Software
    * Application Virtualization
    * BSD – UNIX flavors (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, ….)
    * Apple Macintosh – Think different.
    * BarCamp
    * GIS and Location Based Technology
    * Informationsarchitektur
    * Software Architecture
    * Software Konfigurationsmanagement
    * VMware Virtual Infrastructure
    * Real Time Systems
    * SaaS Software as a Service
    * IT Integration & Connectivity (EAI, SOA, etc.)
    * WAML – Web Application Markup Language

Open source
    * Joomla! .. und noch ein CMS
    * Linux
    * Eclipse
    * Open Source
    * Open Source Software Use
    * PHP Programmers
    * TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System

    * Telecommunication Business
    * VOIP Industry
    * VoIP_Group * Internet – IP – Telefonie * Themen z.Bsp. Skype (Sponsering: http://www.032net.de)

Web Media
    * Content Management
    * Corporate – Enterprise Portals
    * Corporate Blogs and RSS
    * Podcasting
    * User Experience
    * W3C recommendations and standards
    * Web 2.0
    * Web Desktops / WebOS
    * Web Development

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