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goog unlimited (reduced res) photo backup app #windows #android #ios downloads

goog unlimited (reduced res) photo backup app #windows #android #ios downloads


goog android (mobiles and tablets)

apple ios (iphones and ipads)



good #android v bad #android #andvios #ios #comparison #review

good android v bad android and getting over withdrawal symptoms of moving off ios

android compared to ios is a mess (but its cheaper and open)

  • multiple browsers (even out of the box)
  • multiple mail apps (even out of the box)
  • dozens of filemanager apps
  • dozens of memory cleaner apps
  • dozens of memory options (internal, sd, usb otg)

almost every android (even nexus editions) have different

  • power and volume buttons
  • menu buttons (sometimes soft sometimes hard sometimes invisible)
  • preinstalled vendor apps
  • preinstalled 3rd party apps (sometimes even amazon and fbook)

some good android (mobiles and tablets) manufacturers include

and some bad android manufacturers include

  • alcatel (low spec hardware)
  • samsung (over customised ui)
  • sony (preinstalled 3rd party apps)


ios 10.3.1 isnt just any os update its an apple os AND fs update

ios 10.3.1 isnt just any os update its an apple os AND fs update yes as well as updating your devices OS it will also update your devices filesystem (from HFS+ to AFS)

so you might find it slower than a regular update

PS fed up with all those mobile updates then dont worry mobiles will die

viewranger cycle and hiking maps app for android and ios

viewranger cycle and hiking mapsĀ  app for android and ios

featuring skyline

make your own routes


two #goodish reasons to replace your #flos #opensource #goog #android #mobile with a #closedsource #apple #ios #iphone

two goodish reasons to replace your opensource goog android with a closedsource apple ios iphone

1) When you crop a iphone photo it auto straightens it !

and if you live in London or Paris (or other big city)

2) Apple’s iOS iPhone 3D maps leave Google Earth 3D and Nokia Maps 3D looking old fashioned


apple ios iphone 3d map

apple ios iphone 3d map

apple ios iphone 3d map

apple ios iphone 3d map

did you know there are two different amazon mobile apps ?

did you know there are two amazon apps for your android ? confusingly they have the same icon

you can get the amazon amazon app from https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000479543&forceHttps=0&ref_=aa_mshop_aap_anp_uk

but you will have to play with your security settingsto install it

or you can get the android play amazon app from google play

the advantage of the amazon amazon app is that you can get a free app a day from the amazon app store which is only built in to this version