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proof if you needed it that the search engines @bing @ecosia @google have in fact broken the internet

proof if you needed it that the search engines @bing @ecosia @google have in fact broken the internet

search for a simple phrase and you could get 36,900,000 results (altavista never gave you that many answers for any question)

  • the first results will be adverts
  • then there will be videos (!)
  • then newspaper articles

and finally if you are lucky you might get the actual link you need

an example

Q: how do i play a dvd on windows 10 ?

A: 36,900,000 results

only the seventh result gave me


online shopping problems with @aliexpress, @joom and @wish

internet shopping with @aliexpress, @joom and @wish

  • aliexpress – you have to pay extra VAT and pay for returns
  • joom – free shipping
  • wish – you have to pay extra shipping but get free returns



are you living in a filter bubble ?

are you living in a internet search filter bubble ? 

you CAN escape your filter bubble by switching to duckduckgo

and using other techniques

Danger inc – mobile internet

Danger inc is a software and services company that's revolutionizing the experience of the mobile Internet, bringing voice and messaging communications, open Web browsing, and personalized services to a growing number of loyal users around the world, including leading figures in politics, business, and popular culture.

Danger inc fuse our passion for communication with expertise in Internet mobility and software development. Since our founding in Palo Alto, California, the birthplace of the Silicon Valley culture of technology and innovation, we've been continuously expanding into markets across the globe.

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