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windows 10 (1607) #bluetooth icon annoyance fix

Are you bothered by the windows 10 (1607) bluetooth icon disappears annoyance ?

It seems that in Windows 10 the bluetooth icon no longer goes grey when bluetooth is disabled it completely disappears !

To get it back

  • click Open Action Center (the piece of paper icon)
  • click expand
  • click bluetooth

and the bluetooth icon will magically reappear and bluetooth will be re-enabled.


create your own favorite icon

Now theres a web service than can create favorite icons (favicon.ico) (those little pictures that appear next to websites in your web browser bookmark list) from any image for your website !


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Animated favorite icons !

Just been told about the http://www.cpaglobal.com/ website which has an animated favicon !

What's really clever (annoying) is that still animates when the site has been added to your bookmark toolbar !

However it only seems to animate when you are using Firefox (not that I'd use anything else)

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