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howto use a bt home hub with a sky hub or virginmedia hub

you can use a bt home hub 4 or 5 with a sky hub or virginmedia hub to extend your broadband wifi network coverage and or add 5G to a 2.4G only network

step 1

  • login to your sky hub or virginmedia hub
  • look at your dhcp range
  • choose a number after or at end of range (such as

step 2

  • login to your bt home hub @
  • goto advanced settings home network
  • change “Hub IP Gateway Address” to ip address chosen above (ie
  • change “DHCP Server” to disabled
  • click apply
  • ignore warnings
  • click apply

step 3

  • connect an ethernet cable from sky or virgin router to a yellow socket (NOT the WAN socket) on bt home hub

step 4

  • connect to sky or virginmedia wifi network
  • browse to ip address chosen above (ie
  • login to bt home hub and change 2.4G and 5G frequencys names and passwords as desired (name and password can even be set to same as your existing sky or virginmedia network provided you choose a different frequency)

step 5

  • enjoy extended 2.4G and additional 5G coverage around your home

thanks to


BT Home Hub 2.0

BT Home Hub 2.0 Type B factory default IP address is and the current firmware version should be

and you can even connect a storage device to its USB port

usb hubs are dead

staples and tesco seem to have stopped selling powered usb hubs, maplin sells hubs but even the (£15) 7 port one doesnt come with a power supply (according to the packaging) but ask them nicely in the shop to open it before you buy and you might get lucky

pcworld ARE selling a powered 7 port hub for £20


but that one didnt work at all so i had to take it back for a refund

usb problems

i seem to be having unlimited usb problems today

  • usb hub power supply has broken
  • usb hub is sending power upstream (upsetting my raspberry pi)
  • usb motherboard ports are behaving differently
  • usb hub ports are behaving differently
  • usb cable is faulty
  • usb hub doesnt work with windoz 7

error message

There is no driver installed for USB 2.0 Hub. 
Device information 
Name: USB 2.0 Hub 
ID: USB\VID_1A40&PID_0101\6&FD61FB4&0&2 
Error code: 28 
The driver for USB 2.0 Hub is not installed.