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HTTPie: a CLI, cURL-like tool for humans

HTTPie: a CLI, cURL-like tool for humans


HTTPie (pronounced aitch-tee-tee-pie) is a command line HTTP client. Its goal is to make CLI interaction with web services as human-friendly as possible. It provides a simple http command that allows for sending arbitrary HTTP requests using a simple and natural syntax, and displays colorized output. HTTPie can be used for testing, debugging, and generally interacting with HTTP servers.

https everywhere browser addon

the https everywhere browser addon forces use of HTTPS instead of HTTP using rulesets

Top 50 Mozdev Firefox Extensions

ApacheBench HTTP server benchmarking tool & other Apache tools

Did you know that if you are running Apache you already have a HTTP benchmarking tool called ApacheBench aka ab !

Theres a list of all the tools you get with Apache @ http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/programs/ including logresolve which is a post-processing program to resolve IP-addresses in Apache's access logfiles !

Finally there a great list of Open Source performance testing tools @ http://www.opensourcetesting.org/performance.php

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Web Browser “standards mode” & “quirks mode” and doctypes in html & xhtml

W3C QA – Recommended list of DTDs you can use in your Web document

If you search for Web Browser "standards mode", "quirks mode" and doctype, html, xhtml, xml you'll find plenty of information about the "problem" that certain browsers have but little about the "solution" !

I'm still confused but thinking that a solution might just to use PHP instead of HTML and add the following  header to my web pages

<? // if (HTTP_USER_AGENT <> a-bad-browser) echo "<?doctype ...stuff...>" ?>

Before I actually code this in PHP do you think it would work ?

Or do you have a better solution ?

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