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spot the difference between the HP Pavilion 15-cx0001na and HP Pavilion 15-cx0999na gaming notebooks ? is it £200 ?

spot the difference between the HP Pavilion 15-cx0001na and HP Pavilion 15-cx0999na gaming notebooks ? is it £200 ?

according to intel

the 15-cx0999na has B&O audio


buy here


windows 10 and hp 8440w and hp 8560w hotkey support

windows 10 and hp 8440w and hp 8560w hotkey support

make sure you re-install hp hotkey support to reenable screen brightness down, screen brightness up and ambient light sensor toggle hotkeys (F9, F10, F11)

YES that star with a triangle on the F11 key is the icon for the ambient light sensor toggle


hp elitebook bios settings password override and reset

if you dont know your hp elitebook bios password there is a way override it without needing to reset it

if the VT , VT for direct I/O, HT options are disabled in your hp elitebook bios you can still change them by downloading hp performance advisor !

inside hp performance advisor there are then some options that let you change your bios settings without any bios password

hp preformance advisor

hp & lenovo and #amd & #intel #memory bus nightmares


lost a few hours yesterday to some hp & lenovo and amd & intel memory bus nightmares started when i tried swapping DDR3 / PC3 / PC3L ram between an HP and two LENOVO notebooks

  • HP 255 G2 with AMD A4 memory bus FIXED at 1600Mhz
  • Lenovo T410 with Core i5 memory bus ONLY works at 1333Mhz
  • Lenovo Z50 with AMD FX7500 memory bus FIXED at 800Mhz

Basically the T41o refused to work with any of the other memory whereas i thought DDR3 ram was downwards compatible.

Actually just looking at my photos maybe PC3L is not downwards compatible with PC3 ?

modern notebook gotchas

modern notebook gotchas

  • UEFI
  • no recovery disks
  • 16GB USB stick or 24G external disk required to make a system backup
  • last hp i bought had no accessible hd or memory
  • last lenovo i bought only had only 1 memory socket soldered in despite space for 2
  • lots of preinstalled trialware (hp,lenovo,toshiba all guilty)


hp photosmart 5520 hp email printing & hp printables

just setup a new hp photosmart 5520

hp photosmart 5520

and it seems you can send an email directly to it from anywhere in the world and it will get printed for you


there are all apps for it that can print newletters, coupons, puzzles, recipes etc directly to it on a regular basis


HP Photosmart C4585 critical updates

If you are getting fed up with your HP Photosmart C4585 All-In-One Printer becoming unresponsive, losing connection, crashing or hanging once a week you may be interested in the following "critical" firmware and software updates:

that i came across just before i was going to try and file an official bug report with HP ! So thank you HP for your updates and for all your HP Printer GNU/Linux drivers

All I have to do now is borrow someone's windoz PC so i can run your firmware upgrade EXE !

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How to setup a HP Photosmart C4500 without a cable or CD

You CAN setup a HP PhotoSmart All-In-One C4500 without using a USB cable or the Windoz CD:

  1. create an adhoc network on your PC with SSID 'hpsetup'
  2. press print wifi config button on printer to find out C4500 adhoc ip addr
  3. navigate to C4500 web page
  4. click IPV4 Configuration tab and enter your local Wi-Fi network details
  5. (optionally) click IPV4 Advanced tab and enter a static IP Addr
  6. change your PC from adhoc to your local Wi-Fi network

You can then install C4500 driver software on your PC and even reduce driver install space from 270M to 200M by carefully selecting components !

hp4500 all-in-one setuphp4500 all-in-one setuphp4500 all-in-one setuphp4500 all-in-one setup

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