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todays widescreen tv bonaza from @groupon

widescreen tv bonaza from @groupon

i cant decide which one to get


the world is going 3d

3d objects (print your own using a reprap 3d printer)

tvrrug reprap "3d printer"

3d videos (create and watch)

you can even upload a 2D video to youtube and they can convert it to 3D for you

goog goes ocr

Just noticed that when i take a photo on my android with goog goggles it also sends the photo to goog ocr ! I recently took a photo of London IMAX and goog goggles took me straight to site of the advert ("worlds first LED HDTV") that was on the side of the London IMAX !

And on a slightly related topic goog docs can instantly convert (OCR?) a PDF into HTML !

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BBC are now “selling” you their HD-TV clips !

BBC Motion Gallery offers easy access to a wide range of high-quality video clips, including rights managed and production ready royalty-free footage. All available to preview, purchase and download immediately.The video clips have been selected from the archives of some of the world's leading broadcasters – BBC, CBS News, NHK Japan, CCTV China and ABC Australia.

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San Francisco Bay in Hi-Def

Hi-Def San Francisco are doing some amazing things with their San Francisco Bay webcam :

How do these work ? It's as if they've turned a photo into a Google map and are using the Google map player to display it ? Can anyone do this ?

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