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android things and rainbow hats #whatevernext #geek #hack #hw #pi

android things and rainbow hats #whatevernext #geek #hack #hw #pi


flickr hackr tip to overide 200 photo limit (on free account)

Create groups for each month and remember to upload old / hidden photos each and every month BEFORE they are automatically hidden !

For example for my flickr account here are my :

current (unhidden) photos

soon to be hidden photos

already hidden photos

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Maybe it’s time to trash all bad browser hacks

Why trash IE6 hacks?

I know this is difficult because about 37% (according to w3schools.com) of internet users are still using IE6. But, together we can make a different. Stop using IE hacks on your sites and let them see the ugly side of IE6. Eventually, they will find a better browser (ie. Firefox) or at least upgrade to newer version of IE.



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BBC Yahoo hackday London winners !

BBC Yahoo! London Hack Day 2007

Have you applied (and been accepted) yet to the BBC Yahoo London Hack Day ?

Hack Day: London, June 16/17 2007

You’ve now got two weeks to start thinking about what kind of hack you want
to build, and—if you want—to find other people to hack with.

This is what you need to know before the day:

  • Doors open 9am at the Palm Court entrance of Alexandra Palace…
  • Talks start at 10am and run to 2pm when the hacking begins…
  • There will be wi-fi throughout, but no free computers. Bring your own!
  • There will be space to sleep if you want to bring a sleeping bag…

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