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Brighton Pavilion goes GREEN !

The UK now has its first ever Green Party MP thanks to the voters of Brighton Pavilion ! and many congratulations to Dr Caroline Lucas !

caroline lucas

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Green Hosting

Moo Business Cards just arrived

I chose the "green" ones ! and even dug up some "nature" photos to put on them ! The difference in box size is deceptive since Business cards are packed horizontally as opposed to the vertical packing of MiniCards !

"moo business cards"
"moo business cards"
moo business cards

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One Planet Sutton & Open Street Map

One Planet Living in Sutton is an ever-evolving programme of projects that will cover all of the One Planet Living principles and deliver the Sustainability Action Plan. We work with many partners and share knowledge to ensure that together we come up with the right solutions for a sustainable Sutton.

One Planet Living in Sutton is a hugely ambitious programme of work – getting the whole borough from a 3 planet level to a 1 planet level will take imagination, hard work and innovation from every resident, business and organisation in Sutton as well as input from organisations with expertise in each of the principles.

But its not all hard work – we hope that it will be fun, inspirational and great for building community spirit.

One Planet Living in Sutton are using OpenStreetMap and a number of Web 2.0 sites to spread their message !

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Throw Away your TV links

YES2WIND – for a clean energy future

Harnessing the natural power of the wind is essential to tackle global warming.

Britain has Europe's best wind energy resource – but wind power needs your support. Yes2Wind has answers to all your questions about wind energy, and lots of ways for you to say YES! to a clean energy future.

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