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how to turn a tgz or zip into a code repo

If your favorite free libre open source project is only available as a tgz or zip (ie umlet) you can now easily turn it into a fully viewable & searchable code repository by using github or google code svn !
You can then use ohloh.net to analyse the code for you !


  1. sign up for a github or google code svn account
  2. CREATE a new repo (ie http://github.com/osde8info/UMLet)
  3. download tgz or zip
  4. untgz or unzip
  5. ADD files to repo
  6. COMMIT files to repo
  7. (if using github you may also need to 'remote add' and 'push')
  8. add enlistment to ohloh (ie git://github.com/osde8info/UMLet.git)

Sit back and enjoy the ohloh.net code analysis and stats !

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Google Earth Monster Milk Float Game

Thank you tulrich for blogging (and creating ?) the Google Earth FireFox Plug-in and the Google Earth Monster Milk Float Game !

You can write Google Earth Plug-in apps using Javascript, including game-like things. It's pretty fun. It also integrates smoothly with Google Maps API sites; basically you just enable 3D, and most things will magically work.



There are some more Google Earth Plug-in source code examples you can look at on Google Code.

PS Currently (08 Jun 08 at 2:22 PM) there are only 31 del.icio.us social media linkers !

I expect there are more NOW !

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Google YouTube API released