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OSGeo is your Open Source Geospatial Compass

OSGeo's mission is to:

  • Promote the use of open geospatial formats
  • Provide best-practise guidelines and examples for use of open and free standards for data (GML, WMS, WFS-T) and metadata (Dublin Core, RDF, ISO19115 through ISO19139).
  • Promote public access to state-collected geodata
  • Lead by example in demonstrating economic value and research activity generated by open access to public geographic information.
  • Run a repository of open geodata

Open Source Geo Projects:

See Also:

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another flickr geotag groups of groups (gog)

OpenCycleMap for Cyclists (from the creators of OpenStreetMap)

Did you know there is a OpenCycleMap of the world for Cyclists (from the creators of OpenStreetMap) which contains contour information thanks to open source NASA contour data !

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dopplr, flickr, geotagging & openstreetmap

What's the connection between dopplr, flickr, geotagging & openstreetmap ?

Watch the video:

Listen to the podcast:

Read these media articles:

See how yahoo flickr seamlessly merges its maps with OpenStreetMap maps :

Finally why not join the Change !

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the most successfull flickr photowalk ever

… and it wasn't even a flickr photowalk ! … it was The 18th CloudMade OpenStreetMap Summer 2008 Mapping Party ! CloudMade were giving out some great OpenStreetMap MOO Stickers and I legitimately added photos from the 1 hr photo / geotagging / mapping walk to ALL the flickr groups below.

Interestingly only 6 people had signed up on the upcoming event  but 16 turned up on the night !

If you want to help change the (map of the) world (or just get a sticker) turn up at the next OpenStreetMap event apparently thet meet every week in London !

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Series 60 Software for Bluetooth GPS’s

If you have a Series 60 mobile phone with GPS or bluetooth GPS such as a NOKIA 6220 you can help OpenStreetMap by uploading GPX tracks. First you need to upload some Series 60 GPS tracking software to your mobile then you can start posting your tracks to OpenStreetMap.

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