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Online Life Is Real Life Decentralise It

Online Life Is Real Life Decentralise It

Decentralise It Apps

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if it wasnt enough that there were dozens of edurobot vendors at BETT2019 pushing ‘educational’ robots to teach kids about how robots will do the jobs that they will never have

now we hear (from @openshiftcommons) that @adidas has made it more cost effective (read cheaper) to make (sorry i mean print) trainers using robots and 3D printers in germany than paying workers in indonesia $1/day

so theres no need to be scared of AI or the cloud – just be scared of robots

ensure your meetings never go off topic again by using alexa, echo, goog, home, robots and some help from cia, gchq, kgb, nsa

imagine a time when meetings never go off topic – well thanks to power of the cloud, alexa, echo, goog, home, robots and some help from cia, gchq, kgb and nsa supercomputers that time is now

simply place a amazon alexa echo or goog home in the middle of your meeting room program it with the agenda and what the allowed topics are and every word of every sentence can be relayed immediate and directly to government supercomputers for analysis

as soon as they detect you have gone off topic your alexa echo or goog home will then alert you with an audible alarm or alert

WARNING WARNING you are deviating from the agreed topics please return to the agreed agenda


android floss open source apps directory and appstore from f-droid


  • audalyser
  • barcode scanner
  • connectbot
  • diskusage
  • ghost commander
  • gvSIG mini maps
  • hacker’s 5-line keyboard
  • network discovery
  • opensatnav
  • osmdroid
  • tiltmazes
  • tomdroid

tiltmazes android app f-droidosmdroid android app f-droidandroid app f-droiddiskusage android app f-droidconnectbot android app featuring hackers keyboardaudalyzer android app f-droid

ghost commander android app f-droid

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