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#free #fake #windows 7 vms by @microsoftuk for you to download available on https://dev.modern.ie/

free fake windows 7 vms by microsoft uk for you to download available on


“This copy of Windows is not genuine” ?


please sire i downloaded it from the microsoft windows site http://www.modern.ie ?


when i run the free fake microsoft windows 7 why does chkdsk kick in the first time ?

This copy of Windows is not genuine


Free Libre Open Source – isn’t the same as free of charge !

Free Libre Open Source isn't the same as free-of-charge ! Free Libre Open Source is much more about the ethics and even politics of "freedom" !


The Open Source paradigm is producing very high quality code and Open Source companies (and increasingly, traditionally closed source ones) are providing real value to clients with this code.

What’s really driving the adoption of open source software is "freedom" … open standards, a lack of usage restrictions, and not being locked into a single software vendor as their primary reasons for looking at or adopting open source solutions … the ability to customize these packages to specific business uses – especially in vertical markets.

Freedom is key.

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flickr hackr tip to overide 200 photo limit (on free account)

Create groups for each month and remember to upload old / hidden photos each and every month BEFORE they are automatically hidden !

For example for my flickr account here are my :

current (unhidden) photos

soon to be hidden photos

already hidden photos

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