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The MOO MiniCard Mosaic frame !

MOO MiniCard Mosaic frames are great as an artwork and as a puzzle but I'd allow 2 hours for assembly (if you're not a keen DIYer and cant remember where your sandpaper is) plus photo-blogging time !

Unwrapping is a bit like pass the pass parcel (about six layers of bubblewrap) and make sure you open the final film when its the right way up or all your mini frames will fall out all over the floor !

The easy way is to layout frames first THEN find MOO MiniCards to fill em ! I did the opposite (chosing 10 horizontal and 10 vertical photos) and had to use a lot of hair tearing and lateral thinking working out how to get this particular combination into the outer frame !

This did give me a great idea for a party game ! "Create a frame with X horizontal and 20-X vertical pieces" ! Beware that there are a few impossible combinations such as 1 horizontal and 19 vertical !

Tollerance is very critical (< 0.1 mm) and I needed to use some sandpaper to get rid of the out of the box "open window" effect ! However that may have been caused by me dropping them all on the floor previously !





Finally you can put the screws back in upside down to create a less or more techno finish !

All in All a great gift for XMAS !

My friends and relatives will be getting a nice physical gift of a MOO MiniCard Frame and a MiniCard Gift Certificate to go with it so they can create their own artwork and also have 30 spare MiniCards left over to give to their friends !

PS My bias is that I am a MOOster !

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